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Osho Automation Private Limited
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Our Strengths

Our Strengths
The Most Advantageous Point For Our Company is our Location :-

Mumbai has been a constantly evolving, globally engaged city over the past 150 years.
In the last 25 years, it has made a rapid economic transition from trade to services, and has expanded its national and cross-border roles. In 2014, Mumbai’s global significance is visible in that it is:
• By far The most globalized city in South Asia. In a region of 1.5 billion people, it is the most internationalized economy, the major corporate headquarters location, a centre for institutional decision-making, and the main destination for foreign investment and joint ventures. It is also home to the airport with the most international passengers, the busiest port system, and the two largest regional stock exchanges where large Indian firms are capitalized.
• A Hub for smaller businesses with national and international reach, including in the design, fashion, tourism and jewellery sectors, where more informal networks of entrepreneurs have continually strengthened Mumbai’s brand overseas. The city is a centre of creativity and consumption, with high average income and tax generation by regional standards.
• The Home to South Asia’s biggest cultural industry and export: Bollywood. The film and entertainment sector is the most advanced and globally appealing creative industry in any emerging world city. Mumbai has ‘first-mover’ advantage to become the Los Angeles of the East in terms of film and television pre-eminence.
• At The centre of an evolving regional system of cities that is a dynamo of what will become the third largest national economy by 2030. Inter-city knowledge and IT links are growing with nearby Pune and Nashik, and new corridors of development to Delhi and to Bangalore will mean Mumbai begins to serve a new cycle of inland industrialization.
• A Leading symbol of emerging megacities in the global South, whose metropolitan development and progress is indexed to the overall success of 21st century urbanization, and which is proactively engaged with by international institutions and NGOs.